Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2019 Reviews, Price, Interior Design, Driving Performance

While Mercedes says this particular Mercedes-Benz C-Class is almost 50 percent new, the car itself has changed little. It remains the most comfortable and composed small living room for sale, with even more refinement, technology and luxury inside to boost its position as an S-Class at scale price scale.

The disadvantage of that is a chassis that you could (perhaps cruelly) accuse of being a bit boring, but unlike an Audi A4, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class is at least a rear-wheel drive, and there is always the C43 AMG if you want a little more excitement.

It is never anything less (or more) than without stress and without problems to drive, surely creating the most relaxing driving experience of its kind. For many, that will be exactly what they are looking for.

2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Reviews, Price, Interior Design, Driving Performance

Price: £28,695 – £76,513

It is the fourth generation of the Mercedes-Benz C-class, newly updated for 2018. One in five Mercs sold is a class C, and if it accumulates in the old room 190 that went before, this is a car that is sold almost to ten. Million units from 1982.

It’s not a car you want to mess up, but Mercedes describes it as the biggest upgrade the car has ever had; More than 6,500 components have changed, representing nearly 50 percent of the entire automobile.

If you are thinking that it looks surprisingly like the old car (for example, apparently it is so different), then almost all those components are in a completely new electrical architecture, transplanted from the S class, to unlock a lot of New security technologies. and potential for self-management, and a lot of new engines.

Following Dieselgate, which has not been touched by Merc’s engines, perhaps the new gasoline option is the most interesting. The C200 is the entry-level class C in the UK, and although its name alludes to a 2.0-liter engine, it actually uses a 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline. However, it does not work alone and relates to a soft, intelligent (albeit somewhat confusing) hybrid technology that contributes to a total economy of 182 CV and a 46mpg economy.

In other places, if you check the correct boxes, you can have all kinds of technology onboard, including a cruise control with satnav connection that paves the way for the car driving the Merc halls of the future. There is also the “Energizing Comfort “, which combines the functions of the massage seat, climate control and ambient lighting to relax at the wheel. A way sees him imitating a walk on the beach…

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class also has some of the most customizable digital dials we’ve seen in a car, inherited from the class E and class S above. This is all absurdly customizable, in fact. Mercedes has designed four different finishing levels, each with a completely different bumper design, while the Mercedes-Benz C-Class update 2018 has added three new colors and 20 (yes, 20) new designs of alloy rims.

Add to this a surprising variety of engines, the availability of four-wheel drive and your choice of bodywork styles of saloon, farm, coupé and Cabriolet, and has the potential to lose weeks at the Merc dealership to discover which car Want. Buy.

Interior Design
Mercedes is nailing the car interiors these days, and class C is no different. There are many new things, including their steering wheel, digital dials and widescreen media screen, an amalgam of the boards of the latest class A and S class.

Initially, it looks daunting as you get inside, with an unnecessary and complex variety of buttons on the wheel, but once you’re on the move, it works great. The combination of the small touch panels on the steering wheel and the curiously thin media screen help to ensure that your eyes rarely move away from the road even when you are operating something complex within the browser.

Avoid the basic class C specification and you will have digital dials in front of you, and are ridiculously customizable, with three different color combinations and the ability to change the right disc between a large satellite navigation screen, a G Meter, detailed trip information, or a good old revolution counter. In the C43 AMG, there is an additional dial configuration that beats a huge center of revolution counter and opens the lap counters (in addition to some other sophisticated displays).

While it is better to drive an Alfa Giulia or a BMW series 3, the Mercedez-Benz C-Class is defended with more interior space and useful practical touches. Tall adults fit perfectly in the back, as their only possible attire is not enough space to place their feet under the front seats.

As mentioned in the previous slides, here is also super refined. We took Mercedes-Benz C-Class samples on the freeway, naturally, and at any speed below 120 mph, both the wind and the engine noise are terribly absent when you’re cruising. So imagine how easy it will be on a British freeway with tighter speed limits.

The C has always been seen as a reduced S class on the outside, and also gives a decent impression of the luxury of his elder brother on the inside. Praising car interiors does not get much bigger, we suggest.

Driving Performance
The genius of the current C-class is that it does its own thing completely, leaving the style of Alfa Giulia and BMW series 3 to be sporty and, instead, it focuses on simple comfort.

Nowt has changed with the great update of the middle age of the car, and while most of the Cs are rear-wheel drive, are almost not cars that allow or encourage you to explore the external limits of your grip. Instead, there is only a clean balance that inspires confidence when driving vigorously, which could easily be the merit of a well-equipped car with front-wheel drive if you didn’t know otherwise.

Comfort and refinement are the outstanding features, and should be particularly heavy with the accelerator so that any of the motors are unduly heard. There are three diesel engines to choose from, with 191bhp/295lb ft C220d as the default option, especially because it claims more than 60mpg and comes with the four-wheel drive option.

Diesel is a bad word these days, of course, and Merc’s decision to equip class C with some exciting new gasoline engines is probably right. The C200 opens class C prices, just north of £33.000, and its soft hybrid technology is something we will see more and more in MERC models, including performance versions.

The electrical assistance is provided by the alternator instead of by a lot of batteries and motors, but the theory is more interesting than the practice, since everything is combined in a rather surreptitious way. However, change the choice of the C200 variator to its greener modes, and you will feel how the electrical appliances turn off when you leave the joints, while the engine will shut down as you move toward the unions or on the freeway, to save even more Fuel and emissions reduction. Switch to Sport and accelerate vigorously and the 14bhp provided with electricity is used for performance, but doing so will probably lack the point a bit.

All except the entry-level diesel, come with a nine-speed automatic gearbox as standard, and it works well on the C200, where it helps manage the car’s intriguing power source when left in auto mode. In the fastest C classes, including C300 gasoline, it is sometimes better to take manual transmission control with the flywheel vanes. With nine gears, it may be understandable that the tricks of the car’s computer don’t always pick the best.

The C300 is a sensitive engine, as it may sound pretty hard when it accelerates, but as a four-cylinder turbo that plays the role of an old six-cylinder, it makes a decent fist of its little enviable task. If you still want a six cylinder, then it will be the C43 AMG you want. It is an appropriate product of the AMG division, not just a cutting line, but is less aggressive than the C63 with V8 engine.

AMG offers a rather mischievous sporting escape, but the C43 is, moreover, a sensible car in the form of an Audi S4 or similar. It has four-wheel drive standard and, although it sends two-thirds of the motor 385bhp to the rear wheels, it is more about gripping than gliding. It can keep a proper pace in it, but apart from the exhaust note, it is not a burst that destroys tires like the AMG C63 with 508 HP and is full of grease. That car is as distinctive and irresistible as the saloon cars.

Operating Costs and Reliability 
The small halls market is extremely competitive, especially when it comes to fleet sales, so Merc has understandably worked hard enough to make the MPG and CO2 figures look attractive.

The most attractive thing is the diesel C200d, which combines a performance of 158bhp with 65.7 mpg and 113g/km of economy. The cleanest gasoline is the C200, whose respective figures are 182bhp, 46.3 mpg and 136g/km. These figures are largely competitive, but an equivalent Audi A4 or, perhaps more surprisingly, Alfa Romeo Giulia will still be cleaner, at least on paper. What, when it comes to automobile costs of the company, is possibly more important than in the real world.

Beyond the operating costs, MERC has also thought about the ownership of Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Keyless booting is standard throughout the range, while another new technology can detect whether the car crashed while parked, or worse, was stolen, and sends an alert to your phone.

In the event of a collision, parking sensors will record which part of the car was hit and at what time. If you are likely to get in the car without seeing it, an alert will also appear on the media screen. Smart. The law still doesn’t allow the car to take a picture of the culprit, but Merc says he’s working on it.

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