Chevrolet Camaro 2019 Review, Price, Design Interior, Driving Performance

Chevrolet Camaro 2019 – Of all the original pony cars, the Camaro is now truly sportier than a sports car. If you like the look and you can see beyond the lack of vision of the three back rooms, it is a surprisingly capable and enjoyable automobile to drive and own. Buy the 2.0 T over the V6 and the V8 if you want the full experience. The supercharged V8 is memorable for all the right reasons.

2019 Chevrolet Camaro Review, Price, Design Interior, Driving Performance


  • Coupe : MSRP from $25,995  
  • Convertible : MSRP from $32,495 

The best handling, the best high performance cars? That’s the Camaro range. Model for model, on a street circuit, a Camaro will simply move away from a Mustang or Challenger with equal power and power. The high-end ZL1 1LE model is so fast that it can hinder the tracking of weapons such as Porsches and Ferraris. They are lighter, better balanced, have better suspension and many other things besides Ford or Dodge.

But the Camaro is also one of the first high-performance cars to really reinvent its appearance, which excites some and alters others with more traditional tastes. The smallest engine you can get is a four-cylinder turbo with 2.05 liters and 275 bhp. Then there are the options V6, V8 and V8 supercharged.

Interior Design
The quality of the materials, screens and plastics is a great improvement over the previous generation’s Camaro kit and is a superior category to the Mustang and Challenger base. The design and design also have some nice touches, from the air vent adjustment rings that bend to the fan temperature and speed controls, to the standard 4G LTE access point plus all the latest technology like Apple Play and Android Auto, the Camaro is well equipped as standard.

The seats are comfortable and supportive, the steering wheel fully adjustable so you can reach an optimal driving position and stay there even in the quick curves. The rear seats have limited leg space, but they are almost good for adults to use on short trips.

Driving performance
There is an immediate sense of direct feedback and control from all points of contact within the first few meters of driving a new Camaro. The direction is direct and sensitive, the chassis responds through your hands, back and thighs quickly and truly. The Camaro’s high belt line makes you feel like you’re sitting low in the car, like a racing car. It also restricts all visions, the three hind quarters are a particular problem of blind spots. But there is a balance and composure in cars that make them able and willing to drive fast on all roads, as they feel comfortable in city traffic.

If you really want to experience the best that the Camaro can offer, look no further than your 1LE package models. The SS 1LE with V8 engine is the high-performance car bargain of the year. With his older brother, the ZL1, active dampers and tires and larger and wider tires, allied to a luxurious 458 BHP V8 and a six-speed manual box matching speed, is at the height of a BMW M4 Competition Pack for a little over 60% of the P Recio.

2019 Chevrolet Camaro Review, Price, Design Interior, Driving Performance

Costs and Reliability
Living with a Chevrolet Camaro 2019 is easy and fun. It can carve through traffic and cities in the same way that they emerge with confidence by winding secondary roads. The two front seats are sufficiently upholstered to allow longer trips and sufficiently support to avoid pain and inconvenience.

It doesn’t work like a regular four-seater, but the rear seats are fine for occasional trips. There is a good sized trunk and fuel consumption is reasonable. But it’s likely that none of them are the main reason to buy a Camaro. Performance and management are your strengths.

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