Car Audi A3 Sedan Review, Price, Interior, Driving Performance 2019

If you’re thinking that the last Car Audi A3 Sedan looks like the long-running model it replaced a few years ago, join the club. This is Audi doing what Audi always does: the evolution of design rather than revolution.

It’s a very purist way of doing things, which depends on people having the patience to give them time. So, the sharpest aspect becomes clear. A frequent participant in the lists of the ten best-selling books in the UK, this Audi A3 reviewed here which is surely based on the successes of its predecessors.

Following the mantra Vorsprung Durch Technik, the interesting things are hidden beneath the surface. This third generation of A3 presents its new MQB platform of the Volkswagen group, which will be built around 10 million cars a year.

It is intelligent, highly flexible and has some technical jewels that help make the A3 feel more premium than before. They are not cheap, but they do help to distinguish the A3 from the main alternatives. This flexibility also means that Audi has been able to offer more variants on the three-door hatchback and the five-door Sportback; Now you can have a two-door cabriolet or, for those who think the A4 has become too big (or you lose the Vauxhall Belmont), the A3 four-door Saloon. And don’t forget the A3 e-tron hybrid, if you’re looking for something you can plug in and drive quietly.

Do you want something faster? There is the S3 deceptively fast, really quite subtle and the boisterous and beautifully RS3 five-cylinder, the latter with close to 400bhp for a true beat-car rhythm that frightens. They both come as a hatch or a saloon.

Car Audi A3 Sedan Review, Price, Interior, Driving Performance 2019

Price: From $33.495

Interior Design
All versions of the Car Audi A3 Sedan share one thing: an absolutely magnificent interior, with a first-level fit and finish and class definition. The old A3 was, despite his age, at the top of his game in this area: The new simply extends this leadership even more, while bringing new features to the table as well. These include on-board Internet, finger-recognition satellite navigation entry and Audi Drive Select. In terms of practicality, the hatchbacks are more flexible, but the living room has a huge boot.

As always, you will need to mark a lot of expensive boxes if you want the best technology, but there is an inherent straightness in the driving position and ergonomics, regardless of the A3 you buy. VW Group’s products may not always be the most fascinating, but they are flourishing well in everyday life.

The problem with Audi’s ever-evolving technology is that their new and stylish models are too good to go out with their teammates. So, while the A3 is a very good thing on the inside, the latest Audis feel even better. However, fortunately, you can specify the digital dials of the “virtual cabin ” of Audi and, unlike the Audi R8 or TT, the passenger can still control music or navigation when installed.

Driving performance
Because the Car Audi A3 Sedan has been designed to use light parts, particularly at the front, it has an agile lightness on the road that the previous A3 never had. Seriously, the handling is light and playful in a way that no conventional Audi has yet handled. It grips hard, barely subverts, even generates a feedback appearance across the direction. Audi also offers three levels of suspension stiffness plus a magnetic handling option that is worth spending the extra.

The petrol engines 1.4 TFSI and 1.8 TFSI are effective, and the latest additions are the engines of 1.2 cylinders TFSI and 1.4 TFSI, which provide a little diesel economy to the world cleaner and quieter gasoline cars. Most will continue to bet on a TDI 2.0, although there are many options if the post-Dieselgate world has discouraged it.

If you are an enthusiast, it is possible that both hot floodgates will be lost a bit. Fast Audis is notoriously smart, stronger than the rivals of BMW M and Mercedes AMG. But the S3 and the RS3 are sharper and funnier than ever, and the latter has especially a four wheel drive system Quattro that happily sends most of its power to the back for a real power glide. Silly, but funny. Get a RS3 lounge on Viper Green and you’ll have a really fun and funny car that doesn’t wear an Audi RS badge for a while.

What about the A3 e-tron hybrid? It’s a wonderfully satisfying way to float around. The e-tron works electrically up to 81 mph, which means that while you have a good load, you can surf the lovely instant pair all day long. Well, for 30 odd miles, anyway.

And with a silent (or non-existent) twinning of the motor with a well-dampened interior, the refinement is excellent. You can also set it in “hybrid retention ” mode, which means you will use the engine and save battery power; The idea is that you make highway trips with gasoline, city things with electricity. As a point of entry into the world of electrified cars, it is as painless as they get.

Costs and Reliability
All the light engineering included in the new Car Audi A3 Sedan also pays dividends for fuel savings. The 2.0 diesel emits only 108 g/km of CO2, which ensures that the tax bills for the most popular model will be low.

Then there is the E-tron: We achieved a four-hour trip with 69 percent of that electricity expenditure, the other 31 percent in fuel. It’s about 51 miles of battery life. Which is good.

Even the cars ARE based are well stocked, despite the prices adjusted by the overall equipment in line with the old car. The Sport is probably the most complete, but many buyers prefer the S-line by its quasi-S3 appearance. We cannot blame them, even if the larger wheels reaffirm a little of the quality of gear.

It should be brilliantly simple and satisfying to live with him as well. In spite of being manufactured in general terms of the same box of bits that a VW Golf, Audi manages to gather them in a more subtle and pleasant way.

There is also a lot of technology to make everyday life easier, with adaptive cruise control, Active Lane assist, back cross-transit assistance and parking assistance to prevent it from blocking, either in traffic or when placing The car in a space. These are all the steps of self driving suggesting that the next generation A3, which will be launched in a couple of years, will be even more on the way to being an autonomous automobile.

The Audi A3 founded the premium hatchback genre, and is still the best. While a Mercedes class A prioritizes comfort and a BMW Series 1 focuses on sharp handling, the A3 has a great commitment between the two. More interesting than the MERC to drive, but it is unlikely to cause BMW-style problems when snow falls, the A3 balances the requirements of its class.

It doesn’t cost much more than buying a VW Golf, so it’s a better value proposition than you can imagine. And with a lot of petrol engines to choose from, among which are the 400 bhp RS3, you have many options if you want to avoid diesel. This generation of A3, although updated, has existed since 2012, but it is still a very strong contender.

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