BMW Z4 2020 Review, Prices and Specs

BMW Z4 2020-Completely redesigned last year, the BMW Z4 is back after a four-year break, and it’s better than ever. The two-seat roadster with rear-wheel drive is still below the sublime Porsche Boxster to enjoy speed and driving, but it is a close second, offering extremely strong performance in a refined package that is pleasant to drive every day. Its base price is also about $ 10,000 less than Boxster. This moment, the Z4 is offered only as a convertible (there is no longer a coupe version) and is the cheapest two-seater BMW. This latest generation has also thrown its heavy and complex retractable hardcover for a more traditional folding soft top, but its inner seals seal tightly and remain quiet on the road.

Last year BMW offered only the Z4 sDrive30i, and that model has not changed by 2020. Even its price remains the same. However, this year the significantly more powerful 2020 BMW Z4 M40i, which has been tuned by BMW’s legendary High Performance Division M, has been added to the range. Both models are turbocharged, but the Z4 M40i has a six-cylinder engine, while the 2020 Z4 sDrive30i is powered by a four-cylinder.

bmw z4 2020

Z4 sDrive30i: $ 50,695
Z4 sDrive M40i: $ 64,695

At its base price, the 2020 Z4 sDrive30i is an undeniable value. It costs considerably less than its main rival, the Porsche Boxster, and offers more than enough performance for most buyers. You can also dress it with the $ 2950 M Sport Kit, which adds an M Sport suspension for better handling and marks its appearance inside and out with M Sport steering wheel and aerodynamic body kit. Biggest 19″ wheels and tires are also available, and BMW offers the Track Handling package, which adds larger M Sport brakes and its M Sport differential for additional traction. Your new Z4 will still not accelerate like the much more powerful M40i, but it will be more than fast enough to satisfy it.

Interior, Comfort and Cargo
As is the case with all current BMWs, the BMW Z4 2020 has a very high quality interior. In fact, you can have the best interior of this class. It has luxury materials, exceptional panel fit and excellent control placement. Its seats are comfortable with considerable reinforcements to keep you in place when you enjoy the dynamics of the Z4. There is also more space inside than you would expect, even for those taller than six feet. Thick and insulated, its fabric roof is sealed tightly. When the top is up, the interior of the BMW is impressively quiet, with so little wind or road noise that it almost feels like a Grand Touring coupe. With the press of a button, it folds in a few seconds. A wind blocker is standard to keep the wind toning to a minimum with the top down, even at high speeds.

Infotainment and connectivity
A huge 10.25-inch touch screen is standard along with free navigation and integration of Apple CarPlay; Android Auto capability is not available. The latest iteration of the BMW iDrive system is easy to use, with crisp graphics. USB port and Bluetooth streaming audio are also standard, although you have to pay extra for SiriusXM satellite radio, system can also be controlled intuitively with a knob and buttons on the Z4 console or with voice commands. A Wi-Fi hotspot is part of the Premium package available, along with wireless phone charging, a front display and heated seats.

bmw z4 2020 interior

Engine, Transmission and Performance
Every BMW Z4 2020 has an eight-speed automatic transmission with Sport mode, as well as Manual mode. Flywheel mounted paddle changers are also standard. That’s right: For the first time, the BMW Z4 is not available with a traditional manual transmission with a clutch pedal. You will not miss it. The speed of eight is one of the best automatic with clear answers, fast changes and smooth operation.

The sDrive30i is powered by the excellent 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder brand that makes a lot of torque and 255 horsepower. In our tests, this model accelerated to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds. That’s fast, but it’s a bit slower than a Porsche Boxster, which is still available with a manual gearbox. For more growl, the new BMW Z4 M40i gets a 382 hp dual-line turbocharger-six. It is incredibly smooth and refined, and turns the Z4 into a superfast sports car with a zero to 60 mph time of just 3.8 seconds. That’s faster than the 350 hp Porsche Boxster S.

Fuel economy and real-world MPG
With its exceptional performance, it may surprise you that the BMW Z4 2020 is one of the most fuel-efficient sports cars in its class. The fuel economy of the Z4 sDrive30i is classified by the EPA to be 25 mpg city and 32 mpg on the highway. With its much higher power level, the fuel economy of the Z4 M40i is only a single mpg lower, getting 24 mpg city and 31 mpg highway. In our tests, both models recorded 20 mpg in mixed driving. Unfortunately, both engines require more expensive premium gasoline, and the Z4 has a small gas tank, so its fuel range is not extensive. Expect about 300 miles of road driving between each fill.

Safety features and driver assistance
The front collision warning and the detection of pedestrians during the day with city braking are standard, as is the BMW lane departure warning system. Other driver assistance technology is available as options on both Z4 models. This list of available systems includes active cruise control, active blind spot detection, rear collision protection and rear cross traffic alert. The BMW Z4 2020 has not been tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Road Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS), which is common with sports cars.

Warranty and maintenance coverage
The BMW warranty is average for the segment; However, your complimentary scheduled maintenance coverage is a highlight. These programs are not offered with rivals, the Mercedes-Benz SLK class and Porsche Boxster.

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