BMW 4 Series Coupe 2019 Review, Price, Interior Design and Driving Performance

The BMW 4 Series coupe is the two-door car of BMW Series 3, and is an excellent base from which to start. Fine chassis, superior engines and a classy ergonomic interior that adds to a very solid option in the small premium coupe segment. Rivals like the Mercedes C-Class Coupe and the Lexus RC Challenge Series 4 in individual areas, but struggle to replicate their appeal for all. As a result, the series 4 has been the most sold in its class since it was introduced in 2013, while the spin-offs like the large four-door swing and convertible with rigid cap have broadened their reach.

In the UK, the most popular series 4 tends to be a very particular specification: the M Sport model, with its more aggressive body style, larger wheels and lower suspension, allied itself with a four-cylinder turbodiesel engine that drives the car to a Lick Alg A junior ventilation hatches could be trapped by, as they return to more than 45 mpg in real-world driving and offer very low tax rates thanks to comparatively low CO2 emissions. A 420d M Sport is just one of those cars that meets the requirements for so many buyers, is the default option in the class.

It is also the most practical coupe of its size, offering genuine space for four and a decent boot, as well as a great capacity for data storage and good visibility. Remember, this is not a sports car. It is a 3 Series of two doors that depends on your daily use, although it is also the most accurate and most satisfactory driving option in the class, if you want some occasional mischief. Alleviate the daily routine. That’s series 4 in everything: everything you need, in moderation. It’s not a fancy car, but it’s fine, it’s neat and well-judged. In fact, the regular versions are more satisfactory and superior to those of the flagship M4 extremely aggressive and surpassed.

The models to be considered are the 420d, as mentioned, and on the gasoline side, the 440i, slightly anachronistic but certainly delightful: the only remaining six-cylinder and an appropriate successor to the proud BMW story of six direct hits. If you prefer diesel, the 435d is a weapon for all kinds of weather that will make 40mpg, 155 mph and will arrive twice as far in a tank as in a M4. It also has four-wheel drive standard, with the BMW brand as xDrive, but the 4×4 drive rail with rear bias is optional throughout the range. Also, except for models with the best specifications, it is an excellent eight-speed automatic gearbox that helps the claimed economy. It’s a very complete car, series 4. If you can’t find a model that fits your needs, chances are you’re better off with a bike.

BMW 4 Series Coupe 2019 Review, Price, Interior Design and Driving Performance

Prices Starting at : $45,595 (US)

Interior Design
BMW 4 Series Coupe – Good news First. The ergonomics of the series 4 cockpit are close to perfection. You feel good downstairs, with your legs stretched out in front of you and the steering wheel on your chest, if you like. A lot of adjustment means that anyone can feel comfortable here. And the passengers in the back seat are not forgotten. This is the only car in its class that can accommodate adults of the same size comfortably behind the front row adults, which gives it a great advantage for family-conscious shoppers compared to the new Audi A5 and L models Exus RC. Of course, there is a four-door version if you’re really struggling, but the series 4 deserves points anyway. If nothing else, it justifies the existence of the 4 in the same range as the 2 Coupe Series, much smaller. The boot, meanwhile, has a generous opening for a coupé and offers 445 liters of capacity, another strong sample.

The inside information is sent to the driver through two very clear interfaces: the traditional dials (an Audi-style digital cockpit is an option of $315.89) and the excellent BMW iDrive system. It is not touch-sensitive on the screen as the newer versions, but it is not worse for that, and you will never have to polish the fingerprints on the screen…

Disappointment is the quality, or rather, the slight lack of it compared to what Mercedes and Audi now offer in newer models. The series 4 has too many ornaments that are not supported against other surfaces with strength, and a general air of use of the materials that BMW hoped he could get, rather than the best he could offer. It seems as if Audi had caught you in the jump, and it means that it will not leave a meaningful and lasting impression in the first session in the showroom.

Driving performance
The BMW 4 Series Coupe – The 4 is on safe ground here. It is simply the best car to drive in its class, with a genuine appetite for leaning on the curves, a skillful and sweet balance thanks to the distribution of weight 50:50 between the front and rear axles, and the extremely sophisticated power trains. When series 4 was renewed in the mid-2017, BMW said it made adjustments in steering, suspension and ABS, but maybe BMW should check the software engineers ‘ sync cards because the changes are infinitesimal. Maybe it drives a little more neatly, with a decent speed direct rack that shines less than the old car.

But it would cost him to say: he never feels, but management is still better than what Mercedes and Lexus offer. So also the suspension: we would say avoid adaptive shock absorbers, because the car is comfortable enough without them, and the sport mode does not reduce the body’s rolling to a large extent. After all, this is a road car, not a clue. Round of the day.

In addition, it is unlikely that you will see the $ 947.66 necessary for the adaptive suspension at the time of resale, as buyers are not allowed to impress by non-quantifiable devices that they cannot physically display. It is better to put that in the $ 2.135.40 necessary for automatic sports transmission, which greatly improves the experience of series 4 compared to the careless six-speed manual.

You can hardly go wrong, as far as motor. All are turbocharged, all are at the top of their game, although the 430i, now with only four instead of the previous six cylinders, is a bit rough. The creamy and straight six of the 440i is a delightful setback to the BMW of yesteryear, the revolutions and its output power is much more appropriate for the series 4 chassis talents than the exaggerated M4.

Running Costs and Reliability
There’s really a model for everyone, unless you’re a hybrid fanatic, in which case you’ll be at the Lexus gate in no time. Prices begin at around $4.1697.18 for series 4, with all leather models, satellite navigation, two-zone climate control, heated seating and LED lights. Professional satellite navigation is worth the cost of updating £900, which gives you a larger screen with a clearer resolution.

Service intervals are produced every 10.000 miles (BMW dealerships have a reputation for charging a lot for their work, mind). We’d say go for the automatic gearbox, and don’t worry too much about xDrive unless you’re really paranoid about being able to control a rear-wheel drive car. Winter tires will be much more useful for cold.

The fact that BMW’s recent update to the 4 was so small, both on the outside and under the hood, shows how well the car was conceived from the start, and that the owners have few complaints about their spacious and highly skilled premium coupe. You will only see it by the groups of front and rear angular LED lights, a handful of new colors and the fact that the USB port has migrated to the dashboard inside. It’s that minor. But he doesn’t mess with a very complete recipe either.

BMW 4 Series Coupe – Is this the best car in your class? In general, almost everything. It will be a less attractive object than a Mercedes C-Coupe, as it is not as beautiful or opulent inside, but the BMW is good for winning points wins, with excellent driving dynamics, strong autonomy and a well-designed cockpit. and better class entertainment. If you buy one with an interesting engine (continue, try a 440i, you know you want to do it, they won’t be there forever), it’s one of the most satisfying cars sold every day.

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