Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2019 Car Review, Price, Interior Design

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2019 Car – Another manufacturer has fallen on the altar of the SUV. This is the first Alfa SUV in its history, and comes at a time when SUV sales are being shot and the company could succeed. More than a billion euros have been spent on the development of the new Giorgio platform that supports Giulia, Stelvio and a large number of future RWD/4WD, Alfas and Maseratis. This is the moment of the crisis, there are no excuses. If it is to support the company, the Stelvio should not only be a great alpha, but a great starting point.

There’s something strange here. I have done two laps on foot, I have sat in the two front seats, I have turned each knob, stretched on the back bench and touched the boot. But it’s not good, I can’t find any obvious compromise, no loose inner trimming, no compromise packing or electronic failures. The only obvious thing is that alpha-ness is the exterior design, a free collection of curves and bumps, narrowed LED eyes and attractive proportions. Personally, I find it a bit thick from the front three-quarter angle, better from the back, but it’s generally an attractive thing and for some reason unequivocally Italian. Maybe it’s the red paint. That the kitchen version you see here loses little in the transition version of Quadrifoglio 503bhp more dodgy than we saw at the end of last year (and driving in summer), talks a lot about… Er, volumes.

You sit 190 mm above the road than in the Alfa Romeo Giulia, and the four-wheeled alpha Q4 (rear wheel drive under normal conditions, up to 50% of the front power under low grip conditions) is standard in all versions in The launch (an exclusive version of rear-entry-level traction will continue throughout this year) is an SUV designed to address roads, perhaps a gravel path in a push. In a revealing way, Alfa’s chief engineer, Roberto Fedeli, (formerly of Ferrari) told us that his goal was to reproduce exactly the Giulia in the way the Stelvio leads, a sincere admission that modern customers like the idea of an SUV , but do not want roly-poly dynamics brings with it its highest center of gravity. This is what engineers call a “challenge.”

Fortunately, the Giulia platform with its double aluminum front suspension and multi-arm is a good place to start. The springs are longer than the Giulia, but more rigid to counteract the extra height. There is also lightness, thanks to a series carbon fiber propulsion shaft, aluminum block motors and aluminum siding for the bonnet, tailgate, doors and front flaps. All included in the Stelvio weighs 1,660 kg with liquids (it is the same weight for diesel and petrol 4cil versions), 145 kg less than a BMW X3 equivalent and 185 kg less than a Porsche Macan 4cyl. The foundation, then, is the sound.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2019 Car Review, Price, Interior DesignPrice : $ 42,855

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2019 car: On public roads, at more reasonable speeds, wind and road noise is minimal and although the trip is generally more active than an Audi Q5 or Merc GLC, it treats well with great intrusions and never feels so hard Jaguar F-Pace in 22s. Add a 525-liter (125-liter) boot down to the F-Pace with a wide, wide lip, good back head and leg space (at least for a 5-foot 8in like the ass), an information and entertainment system that is not the last word in graphic Exquisite, but it is easy to understand and an interior quality that is higher than the Giulia (carpet-lined door compartments make a difference, you know?) and it has most things that are not alpha: an all-terrain

UK specifications and prices have not yet been announced, as it will not be officially sold here until September or October, but all equipment that the owner of a self-respecting SUV might want will be available. That means wheels from 17 to 20 inches, 13 colors, an electric tailgate and satellite navigation as standard, and many sensors to help brake, steer and emit annoying sounds against you.

Two engines are offered from the launch, exclusively with a traditional eight-speed car. The first, a 2.2-liter diesel, produces 207bhp and 347lb ft of torque, covers 0-62 mph in 6.6 seconds and returns 58.9 mpg and 127g/km of CO2. That’s just three tenths slower than a 6cyl Macan S Diesel, and also considerably cleaner. Impressive things in practice, it’s as difficult in the middle range as the numbers suggest: a smooth and satisfying blow that encourages you to squeeze the throttle and feel the surge, just for the fun of it. But it’s not perfect: there’s a bit of noise at the start, and not just for the cold, and the engine moves away in the background when you’re not going fast enough for the wind to choke. It’s not a decisive factor in any way, it’s not as outrageous as the old 2.1-liter diesel from MERC, for example, but the new 187bhp 2.0 TDI Audi Q5 is much quieter.

If you are looking for smooth progress, then the turbo of 2.0 liters of petrol is not the left field option that used to be, and it fits pretty well to the car. It’s not a 70s alpha Busso V6, but with 276bhp, 296lb ft, 0-62 mph in 5.7 seconds and some intense exhaust noise pumped through the speakers with the strong throttle (even though every nerve tells us it’s a hate tactic , we prefer I enjoyed it), has more style than you would expect. Place the Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2019  somewhere in the white space between a 249bhp Q5 2.0 TFSI and the 335bhp Macan S, and gives it a genuine sporting touch. Oddly enough, for an engine that accelerates so freely, the red line is set at an abrupt 6,800 rpm, “A need to comply with emission regulations ,” says Fedeli with a sigh.

The gearbox is invisibly smooth if you leave it on your own devices and don’t jam it too much. The problem is the scream of the beautifully-mounted metal paddles in the column and beautifully tactile to use, and it is when you realize that it does not have the complement of a double-clutch box. However, the software has been programmed with a sporting experience in mind: Keep the DNA (driving mode switch to sharpen the throttle, adding weight to the direction and accelerating the change times) in N for normal operation and will change to You as you approach the limiter however, it changes to D for the dynamic and will keep on going until you pull the correct paddle. The upward changes of maximum acceleration in D are accompanied by a false kick, slightly unnecessary, in the back, too. If I wanted to get hit, I’d buy a Lotus, thanks.

Keep your enthusiasm at eight tenths, and, through long and fast sweepers, the body’s sway is well controlled, the grip is abundant and the Stelvio generally makes an acceptable impression of the Giulia, albeit from a higher position. In tighter things, the imitation weakens, the physics takes control and you start to fall and become non-heroic understeer if it gets too hot. However, take a different approach, and on a greasy cold test track, we begin to learn a little more about the Stelvio chassis. Slow down, then pull the throttle out of a corner and you may feel that the back starts to slide, but by the time you dial in some opposite lock, the Q4 transmission has shuffled 50 percent of the power to the front axle , silencing the slide. This is followed immediately by the traction control (which cannot be turned off, at least in the standard car, insert the sad face here) cutting and clipping it in a straight line.

Clearly, this is a meaningless exercise if your Stelvio will only exist between your driveway and Tesco Express, but shows that there is no electronic game on the chassis, and bodes well for the QV in which bad behavior is positively encouraged. Less good are the brakes, which are strong enough when you actually step on them, but they suffer from excessive crushing and do not have enough bite on the top of the pedal path. The management has a super-fast relationship, but somehow it doesn’t feel so sharp. Smarter people than I could possibly explain this.

In the near future will be added a more friendly version of 197BHP version 2.0 gasoline and 178bhp diesel 2.2. However, being the bastion of consumer advice, we are the Stelvio Quadrifoglio with its 2.9-liter dual-turbo V6 that we are waiting for. The question is, can the top chassis handle twice the power of the 2.0 turbo model?

Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2019 Car – In the same way and the same conditions, the Stelvio is not as fun as a Giulia and on a plain similar to the F-Pace, but what did we expect? On the other hand, it is more spacious and practical than a Giulia and could get you out of a muddy parking lot. At the end of the day, Alfa has done an admirable job of converting its value into an SUV package. It may not be as moving as alphas of the past, but this time who knows, I might actually buy one.