2020 ROLLS ROYCE CULLINAN Review, Price and Specs

2020 rolls royce cullinan

While most Americans are busy growing the sea of faceless crosses, the country’s wealthiest residents are in luxury in the Literal Rolls-Royce of SUVs. Once the exorbitant Cullinan went on sale, the company synonymous with wealth presumably grew richer. His first SUV became his best-selling model and a fashion accessory for a hundred. It is powered by an effortless twin turbo V-12 engine and floats on an adjustable air suspension. The cabin is pure bliss, with extremely comfortable seats and ample passenger space. The environment can be further enhanced with countless customization options. Without a doubt, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2020 is the most elegant SUV on the planet, and that’s why it costs a small fortune.

The Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2020 can now be ordered with leather to match its optional vision suite and new Sanctuary seats. These upgraded rear thrones add extra padding and an adjustable headrest in the right rear seat. Although these options sound like they’re from some Feng Shui theater, just remember that Rolls-Royce customers prefer to be pampered on another level. Of course, only the largest Cullinans will have the newly available leather rugs and white piano veneer.

> Cullinan: $ 327,750

Interior, Comfort and Cargo
The spacious cabin is lined in box grain leather, lambswool rugs, beautiful wood trim and milled aluminum accents. For an even higher level of luxury, Rolls-Royce will customize almost every part of the Cullinan’s already luxurious interior with any delight the buyer can imagine. The exterior is classic Rolls-Royce, but its liftgate configuration allows for the addition of a pair of leather-wrapped seats and a picnic table sticking out of the Cullinan’s tailgate, this is by far the most luxurious way to participate in a Polo match at the rural farm. Despite the fact that the construction of an SUV is a clear break from tradition for the historic British brand, it is still a Rolls-Royce without compromises in every way.

Infotainment and connectivity
Each Cullinan has a large touchscreen infotainment system that can also be operated via a controller in the center console. The available rear-seat entertainment system adds two dual 12.0-inch displays mounted to the rear of the front seats. Along with a Wi-Fi access point, the Cullinan has a custom audio system that features 18 speakers and 1,300 watts.

2020 rolls royce cullinan interior

Engine, Transmission and Performance
Its dual-turbo 6.7-liter V-12 provides 563 horsepower effortlessly and runs as quietly as you might expect, so it won’t disturb VIPs in your cabin. In our tests, we recorded a zero to 60 mph time of just 4.5 seconds, impressive for a large SUV that weighs as much as the Cullinan (about three tons, based on our scales). An electrified powertrain is rumored to join the line later, but for now the Rolls-Royce V-12 engine is the only offering. All-wheel drive is standard, although we suspect that buyers will never venture off the tarmac. The Cullinan mounts an air suspension that automatically adjusts its height using a road scan camera; driving comfort is beyond the standards of regular luxury vehicles, and it moves on the road, conveying nothing unpleasant to the interior.

Fuel economy and real-world MPG
EPA estimates that the 2020 Cullinan V-12 powertrain will consume 12 mpg in the city and 20 mpg on the highway. Believe it or not, those numbers are not the worst in their class. The V-12 Bentley Bentayga is expected to earn 12 city and 17 highway mpg, while the Mercedes-AMG GLS63 is rated at 13 city and 15 highway mpg. We tested the Cullinan on our 75 mph fuel economy route, and it surpassed its highway rating by 1 mpg (21 total) in the real world.

Driver Assistance and Safety Features
The 2020 Cullinan has not been tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The Rolls-Royce SUV also has a host of driver assistance technology that even includes night vision. Key safety features include: standard frontal collision warning and automated emergency braking. Standard lane departure warning and lane keeping assistance. Standard adaptive cruise control.

Warranty and maintenance coverage
Rolls-Royce offers an exemplary four-year warranty with no mileage limitation. That time period also includes free maintenance, which is something that Mercedes-Benz does not offer. The limited warranty covers four years of unlimited miles. The powertrain warranty covers four years or unlimited miles. Free maintenance is covered for four years of unlimited miles.

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