2020 HONDA CITY Review, Prices and Specs

2020 Honda City, manufactured by Honda since 1981 and continues to this day as one of its best-selling sedan models. The currently available version is desired due to the decent horsepower of its 1.5-liter mill providing everything while being much more affordable and accessible than the Honda Civic.

Furthermore, when compared to other models in its market segment, the city has more features and looks better too. So in summary, the city is a lot of car for your money.

The city’s current 6th generation, however, has been around since 2014 and while it had a middle-aged facelift in 2017. As such, the launch of a new next-gen version is highly appropriate and highly timely. And yes, Honda has been quietly working on a new 7th generation Honda City 2020 to be revealed later this year.

Honda City

> Honda City E CVT $ 21273.00

Interior, Comfort and Cargo
Honda City cars look luxurious and elegant. Influenced by the platinum grill design, as well as a waistline that is more detailed than the previous version. You could also say that Honda City cars are dynamically designed.

But is that all? Apparently not, the item looks sleeker on Honda City cars because the glass in the side door supports LED turn signals, and there are antennas like shark fins.

Chrome accents are also widely used on Honda City cars found on the door handle, wheel arches, and B-pillar. To make the Honda City car look sleek and modern.

Sports impression is not just on the exterior of the Honda City car. In fact, the interior or the interior too. The sporty feeling is contributed by the matt black interior color. Not just sporty, the luxurious impression also exists on the Honda City car interior at the front. The steering wheel and gear lever are covered in leather. And this leather layer also covers the Honda City car seat.

Slightly offset, the dash supports a 6.1-inch LCD screen connected to the radio interface and various multimedia functions.

For comfort, the Honda City part is also quite comfortable. This is not only influenced by the quality material, but also because the wheelbase is quite long. So that the Honda City car offers a spacious cabin.

Also, it turns out that the Honda City car uses the same base as the Honda Jazz. Thus offering a spacious and dynamic cabin. Some of the features are also quite comprehensive, one of which is a digital air conditioner and the safety features that are also quite comprehensive.

2020 honda city interior

Engine, Transmission and Performance
The Honda City car uses a 1.5L SOHC 4-cylinder in-line, 16-valve i-VTEC + DBW engine with 1497 cc cylinders. From this engine, a Honda City car can produce a power of 120 Ps at 6,600 rpm. While the maximum torque that can be generated is 145 Nm at 4,600 rpm.

In addition, Honda City cars are also claimed to be fuel efficient. For the manual transmission it can reach the distance of 16.8 km / liter. While the automatic variant of the Honda City car can cover a distance of 18 km / liter.

What affects whether a car is comfortable or not, one of which is the legs. Also note that Honda City cars use the MacPherson Strut suspension front and rear with the H-Shape Torsion Beam. This suspension is good enough to reduce the impact received by the tire.

With a suspension like this, the Honda City car offers a comfortable and balanced ride. For the safety of Honda City cars, use rear drum brakes. While the front uses a ventilated disc.

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2020 Honda Civic

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