2020 BUGATTI VEYRON Review, Prices and Specs

2020 BUGATTI VEYRON. One day the Tsar Volkswagen Ferdinand Piech dreamed: to provide the world with a car that has 1000 bhp, costs one million euros and can do more than 400 km / h (250 mph). The report seemed impossible, but in Piech’s mind, it was not something that could not happen, that dream finally came true with the birth of Bugatti Veyron.

In 1999 there was a proposal for style and even a kind of engine, initially with 18 cylinders. In 2000 the style was clearer and the powertrain had been reduced to 16 cylinders, effectively two 4.0-liter VW V8s. A year later VW announced that it was indeed going to build the Veyron and that it would have 1001PS (987bhp) and do more than 400km / h. Then the real problem began.

The Veyron is an engineering beauty car, not Monet’s visual work. So, there’s no harm in describing the Veyron as a strange machine like an insect with four big tires, an unreasonable number of scoop and winglets along the sides and on the roof, displaying a white-and-red badge on the nose that reads ‘Bugatti.’

2020 Bugatti Veyron

> Starting at $ 1,914,000

Interior, Comfort and Cargo
2020 BUGATTI VEYRON. This is by far the most exquisite car cabin on earth, despite the fact that the driving position seems intimidatingly low at first and the A-pillars of the standard car are so thick that there are large blind spots. The Vitesse also features a windshield-mounted spoiler to ensure the driver and passenger emerge as impeccably coiffured as they were on departure.

From behind the steering wheel the instrument looks small and very fussy, especially the speedometer, but the overall look is sensational. You pull the beautiful aluminum door handle open the door wide, and once you’ve negotiated the high, thick sill, you insert easily into the seat, crafted from carbon fiber and covered in thick leather .

Infotainment and connectivity
The reversing camera display is located inside the rearview mirror, an increasingly common place to put it, but more generally found in family hatches.

The luggage space in the small nose-mounted boot is tight, to say the least, but the space inside the cabin is more than generous for a two-seat, mid-engine car. There is little point in listing what equipment the car has; whatever you want as an owner, you can basically have it. Except the rear seats.

 2020 Bugatti Veyron interior

Engine, Transmission and Performance
2020 BUGATTI VEYRON. Roof off in the Grand Sport, you get to enjoy the engine note even more, and as a result feel connected to the car in a way that never happens in the coupe. It rises from 0-62 mph in 2.7 seconds and at a top speed of 253 mph when the roof is in place.

Take off the roof, and that top speed drops to ‘just’ 223mph. Needless to say, it’s sensational either way. Although if that’s not enough, the Grand Sport Vitesse adds another 2 mph to the v-max and cuts 0-62 by 0.1 seconds, making it the fastest convertible in the world.

The Veyron Super Sport, in a nutshell, is no less than the fastest car we’ve tested. For a long way indeed. In one hit, he broke all the speed records we’ve kept.

In fact, it is the first and only car we’ve measured up to 220 mph, a speed that reaches in just one mustache for 30 seconds.

Purchasing new rubber for the Veyron will similarly produce Freeze Heart Tickets, a set of four tires that cost £ 23,500, in part because they have to be capable of 253mph, more than 100mph faster than the speed of. Concorde landing.

Worse news is that at every fourth tire change the Veyron rims must be tested for cracks – a sensible precaution in such a fast car – and replaced if they feel like it at a cost of £ 7050 per corner.

You don’t buy a Veyron either and you don’t care about the fuel bill but for the record our Super Sport test car averaged 11.6mpg with a best of 17.5mpg and worst of 6.0mpg.

For all these reasons, it’s no wonder that an owner has taken his Veyron to travel his favorite roads and follow him there on an executive jet, an arrangement that works cheaper than driving the Bugatti several hundred miles to get to the dream road.

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