2020 BENTLEY BENTAYGA Review, Prices and Specs

2020 Bentley Bentayga

The 2020 Bentley Bentayga is unlike any other sports utility vehicle in the world. This powerful multi-purpose and off-road car offers an exceptional driving experience. Luxury, space, strength, and speed are the four main features of Bentayga that make it a very desirable entry, if very expensive, to the world of SUVs. Four different models allow buyers to order as many Bentayga as they need or want, and all four are equally impressive machines.

> V8 4dr SUV AWD $ 165,000
> W12 4dr SUV AWD $ 229,100
> Mulliner 4dr SUV AWD $ 267,700

Interior and Technology
Filled with rich smelling leathers, real wood and genuine metal accents, the Bentayga’s cabin is one of the most luxurious for sale today; Bentley allows shoppers to customize almost everything, also for a price. The interior can be configured to seat four through the front and rear seats or five if the rear bench seat is optional. Plenty of standard goodies, a panoramic sunroof, touchscreen infotainment and automated emergency braking, just to name a few, make the Bentayga a very well-equipped SUV, but shoppers are likely to have a hard time resisting some of the many optional features that Bentley offers.

Infotainment and connectivity
Bentayga passengers can explore a wide repertoire of rear-seat entertainment options. This is accessed by two 10.2 ”entertainment tablets located at the rear of the front seats. These tablets are convenient and mobile (for use in and out of the car) that provide access to a world of video entertainment, games, video calls, and media streaming. In addition to Bluetooth headsets, there is a wide range of features including internal memory, micro SD and USB slots.

A suite of online services uses perfect connectivity to enhance the driving experience. In the event of an accident, Private eCall automatically connects you to an emergency call center, while if it ever fails, the roadside assistance call provides direct contact with the Bentley roadside assistance team who can arrange appropriate help. The perimeter alert, meanwhile, notifies you if your Bentayga moves outside of a specific area defined by you.

Real-time traffic information incorporates the latest traffic information into the navigation system, with Google-powered online search that adds useful information about your destination, such as reviews and opening hours. Apple CarPlay takes the things you want to do with your iPhone and places them on the touch screen of your Bentayga.

2020 Bentley Bentayga interior

Find my car remembers where you parked your vehicle and guides you back to it, while the status of my car provides useful information about the status of your vehicle remotely. Turning on the heating allows you to make sure your car is at the most recently selected temperature when you reach it.

Bentayga Hybrid also offers a range of innovative features that make it easy to charge your car. You can find out more here. My Bentley services are not available in all markets.

Engines, driving and handling
The 2020 Bentley Bentayga is offered with a variety of powertrains, starting with a 443-hp hybrid based on a 3.0-liter V-6 and an electric motor or a 542-hp twin-turbo V-8 engine. The V-8 emits a hearty burble on its way from zero to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds; we have not driven the hybrid. A 600 horsepower W-12 engine is also available; This super smooth power delivered a result of 3.6 seconds in our zero to 60 mph test, and its power delivery is creamier and its performance felt more robust during passing maneuvers. With a claimed top speed of 190 mph, Bentley boasts that the Bentayga Speed is the fastest SUV in the world (although the Lamborghini Urus might have something to say about it). The Bentayga Speed also uses the W-12 engine, but it is powered to make a 626 horsepower. All Bentayga models, regardless of what’s under the hood, use an eight-speed automatic transmission and come standard with all-wheel drive.