Honda CR-V 2019 Review, Price, Interior Design, Driving Performance

The fact that something is sold in large quantities doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to buy. When it comes to fast food, for example, popularity doesn’t necessarily have the same quality. The Honda CR-V 2019, however, is an example in which the masses are definitely on the right track: Honda sold nearly 400.000 last year and is one of our best-ranked small SUV’s.

The Honda CR-V 2019 verifies virtually all the boxes in the list of car buyers in this increasingly popular vehicle segment. It facilitates family life with a cavernous cargo area, plenty of space in the back seat, easy-access LATCH anchors and smarter storage solutions than an Ikea. It’ll keep you safe, too. Crash test ratings are impeccable, and accident prevention technologies are standard in all but the base cutout.

Behind the wheel, the Honda CR-V 2019 intelligently responds to the inputs and manages well, but its comfortable handling and silent cabin will not wake the children. Under the hood, the turbocharged engine found in most equipment levels offers the best fuel economy and acceleration of its kind. Summarizing everything is the excellent reputation of CR-V for its resale value and reliability.

In short, the CR-V has a lot of meaning. In any case, their biggest flaw could be that it makes too much sense. There are rivals who definitely offer a more memorable style and personality, such as the Mazda CX-5 and the new Toyota RAV4. The technophiles can also find that the Honda touch screen is frustrated behind the times. But those are minor issues. In general, joining the CR-V proprietary masses would be a good idea.

In particular, we chose the Honda CR-V 2019 as one of the best family cars, the best family SUV and the best small SUV in this year.

2019 Honda CR-V Review, Price, Interior Design, Driving Performance

Price : MSRP range $24,350 – $34,150

Driving performance
With a capable acceleration, compound handling and road safety, the Honda CR-V 2019 Turbo is a multidisciplinary competitor. If you are looking for a small SUV that does not make concessions for its size, this Honda meets the requirements.

Turbocharged engines of small displacement can have problems in the SUV, but not the turbo engine of 1.5 liters in the Honda CR-V 2019. It is powerful and offers a good low-end thrust to move through the streets of the city. You won’t be nervous on a stretch of the freeway, and you won’t need to collide with the gas to move on to the radios. In our tests, the Honda CR-V 2019 accelerated from 0 to 60 mph in just 7.5 seconds.

Drivers will find linear and progressive brake pedal responses during light and hard stops. In our emergency braking tests, the best stop of Honda CR-V 2019 at 60 mph took 116 feet, which coincides with what we expect from the small SUV’s.

The steering resistance naturally increases when the wheel is turned, giving it a useful sense of precision and confidence. The wheel also returns to the center smoothly, ensuring stability on the freeway. A standout in the class.

The CR-V achieves an admirable balance between handling and driving quality. The bulges in the center and other irregularities in the road do not upset it, and the body’s balance is minimal. With confidence you can meander along a curved road without sickening your passengers or unnecessarily activating the stability control.

The nature of continuously variable automatic transmissions often seems strange to drivers who are accustomed to traditional automatic systems, but CR-V’s are among the best. Accelerating from a stop feels natural. Only at maximum acceleration, the acceleration seems a bit strange, as the engine speed remains constant. Cruise control does not control the speed that goes downhill, a potential nuisance.

Although not designed for challenging off-road driving, the 7.8-inch (front-wheel drive) to 8.2-inch ground clearance (all-wheel drive) means you will have no problems with the occasional unpaved road. Hill descent control is unavailable.

Interior Design

The CR-V cabin is especially spacious and thoughtful. The owners will appreciate the almost unmatched passenger room, ease of entry and superior visibility. There are also some nice touches, like the ability to ventilate the four windows on hot days by holding down the unlock button.

The use of physical controls is very intuitive, but touch-sensitive buttons can be annoying. Some on-screen buttons are small, and it is too easy to rub the touch-sensitive volume control on the steering wheel. The digital temperature and the fuel meters that flank the speedometer are washed with sunlight.

The wide openings of the front and rear doors provide a great deal of head and leg space on the way to the inside. The CR-V is a little higher than the previous versions, but it is still as easy to enter inside: the doors overlapping with narrow frames help. Occupants of all sizes will have little difficulty getting in or out.

It is easy to place the seat and the steering wheel exactly where you want it, and the group of indicators is easy to see in its entirety. The armrests sit at equal heights. What looks like a pad for your right knee is actually a hard plastic, which can be uncomfortable for longer legs.

The interior dimensions of CR-V are generally larger than those of rivals, except for head and leg space. But even those are not in any way tight. The space for the rear seats is the largest you’ll find in a small SUV. Four normal-sized adults will have no problems.

The windshield pillars do not obstruct your front view, and it is easy to detect the location of the front bumper. Blind spots are minimal, and monitoring is standard in all but the LX. The rear headrests slightly invade the rear window but do not obstruct. The rear-view camera covers a wide viewing angle.

The interior panels and the flowing ornament inserts exhibit a convincing quality, as well as the leather that adorns the seats and the steering wheel (in the EX-L and touring finishing levels). It’s a well-built vehicle in every respect.

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