2019 Cadillac Escalade Review, Price, Interior Design, Driving Performance

Once the de facto king, the Cadillac Escalade still symbolizes higher-class transport to consumers; However, his reputation for luxury is under consideration. Its chrome shell and its Cadillac insignia maintain its appearance, but its truck roots and remaining interior parts reveal a choppy gait and superficial quality. These problems are tolerable in cheaper Escalades; Unfortunately, they all outweigh the $75K. That pill is even harder to swallow when the Caddy’s price is close to six digits. However, Slade’s powerful V-8 powertrain is surprisingly fast and, as expected, effective at burning fossil fuels at prodigious speed. The 2019 Cadillac Escalade  and the longest version Escalade ESV have three rows of seats and can accommodate up to eight passengers. While among the most elegant ways to tow more than 8000 pounds, the Escalade is no longer the face of the SUV royalty.

The 2019 Cadillac Escalade  receives minor upgrades including a hands-free tailgate and an illuminated CADILLAC logo. A pair of new metallic exterior colors (Shadow and Manhattan Noir) will be available later.

Every 2019 Cadillac Escalade represents a significant investment. The long wheelbase ESV costs $3000 extra. It adds a considerable load space behind the third row, but to keep the costs low we atendríamos to the lower wheelbase version. Fortunately, even the Escalade base is equipped with features such as a 8.0 inch touchscreen with navigation, Apple display and Android Auto capability, adaptive shock absorbers and selectable driving modes, parking sensors Front and rear and self-parking capacity, and leather interior with front seats with heating and cooling. Four-wheel drive adds $3000 and non-black and silver paint colors cost at least $625 in the base model.

2019 Cadillac Escalade

Prices from: $76.490

Interior Design
We like the standard interior features of the Escalade, such as heated and refrigerated front seats and electrically adjustable steering wheel and pedals; The large front seats fit all kinds of bodywork. Unfortunately, the available massage functions are reserved for platinum-trimmed at outrageous price, which also includes a synthetic suede liner, top door panels and a central console lined in leather and wood accents. Unique. A set of second row captain chairs is a standard problem, but it can be replaced by a 40/60 folding bench seat. Families older than four may want to choose the second row bench seat, as the third row of the shortest Escalade is only suitable for children. The third-longest row in the Escalade ESV offers an additional 9.7 inch leg space, but those looking for maximum space in the third row should see the expanded Lincoln Navigator L.

Each 2019 Cadillac Escalade on the line has a 8.0 inch touchscreen that runs the latest version of the Cadillac CUE Entertainment software. A luxury vehicle should provide relaxation rather than a frustration of the type that embodies CUE. Their great dependence on touch-sensitive controls is always distracting and sometimes inaccurate. Otherwise, each model includes a variety of charging points and standard features such as Apple display, Android Auto and a 4G LTE mobile access point.

While both versions of Escalades have a third folding row, extended ESV is more useful in family road trips. With 24 extra cubic feet behind the last row, it had eight bags further back than the shortest model (12 in total). Both Cadillacs have a large central console that includes an optional refrigerated container. There is also a hidden compartment behind the weather controls that opens, which is perfect for storing smartphones that are paired with the infotainment system. The cargo area has a large under-floor container that is useful for separate storage but also decreases load capacity.

Driving performance
Behind the giant Escalade Grille is a powerful 420 hp V-8 engine connected to a 10-speed automatic transmission. Together, they push this extra-sized SUV with authority and can tow up to 8300 pounds. The rear wheel drive is standard, while the total traction is optional. In our tests, the Escalade was always receptive, and the transmission handled uncomplicated changes. We also appreciated the strong growl that came out of the exhaust pipes after the strong throttle inputs. At cruising speeds, the Slade was quiet and refined.

Despite a set of standard adaptive shock absorbers, the Escalade never felt as convincingly comfortable as its brand and price would suggest. Of course, he rode very well on a smooth pavement, but as soon as things got bumpy, the luxury cape vanished. However, the way it quivered on uneven surfaces and the way the rough shocks seeped into the cockpit are unacceptable. At least the Escalade is composed around the corners, but do not throw it to an exit ramp above the set speed limit. The steering effort felt lighter than what we found in the Chevy Tahoe and the GMC Yukon; So it was easier to operate at low speeds. Unfortunately, that lack of openness allowed the CADILLAC to roam its lane on the road. The brake pedal had soft and strong responses that we appreciate in daily commuting.

Fuel economy and MPG in the real world. Despite a large unladen weight and a good V-8, EPA estimates are aligned with the competition. Both full-pull body styles have the same estimates of 14 mpg in city and 21 mpg on the road, but rear-wheel drive versions earn 2 mpg more on the road. The Escalade ESV we tested corresponded with its 21 mpg estimated by the EPA on our highway fuel economy test route. The only rival to do better was the Mercedes-Benz GLS450, which won 25 mpg.

The Escalade has not been fully assessed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the road Safety Insurance Institute. All models feature front and rear parking sensors to help keep scratch-free stops. The cart also includes active serial parking assistance. The system finds open parking spaces when prompted and will direct the vehicle while the driver accelerates and brakes. Unfortunately, other security measures and driver assistance are cost-free and are not available in the basic models. Key security features include: front-facing collision warning available and automated emergency braking, available blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert, available lane exit warning and assistance from Rail maintenance

Warranty and maintenance coverage.
The Escalade has an excellent guarantee with a long protection of the motor train. However, Cadillac’s coverage is not the best in all categories. The limited Warranty covers 4 years or 50.000 miles. The powertrain warranty covers 6 years or 70.000 miles. Courtesy maintenance is covered for the first visit.

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