2019 Audi A4 Car Review, Price, Interior and Driving Performance

What do you mean, “what is “? Can’t you tell the new 2019 Audi A4 Car apart from the A6 and the A8? Of course, you cannot: the design technique of Russian dolls from Audi does a good job of puzzling spectators. Okay, we’re being deliberately myopic and when we allow our eyes to focus correctly, we can say that this new A4 looks a little more mature.

But hardly revolutionary. That’s because Audi was busy investing all his pennies in less obvious places. 90 percent of the A4 components are new, up to 100 kg have been removed from the kerbweight, and the focus is not on driving, but on technology.


Prices from: $38.395

Interior Design
More good news. Audi has donated the TT Interior design template to this room. Yes, all cars in this class have beautiful interiors made of great materials, but even with this in mind, the Audi is one step ahead.

The integration of technology is also convincing. It is easy to navigate through the menu systems and connectivity includes dual Bluetooth links, Wi-Fi, charging wireless phones, smart phone interface (both Apple display and Android Auto are supported) and, along with that, a lot of Security systems so you don’t get in the back of the car in front while trying to reorganize your Spotify playlists.

Driving performance
When we say that the approach is not in driving, we mean that Audi has decided not to pursue BMW and Jaguar by the route of the “enthusiastic driver “. So no, the 2019 Audi A4 Car is not as rich as a Jaguar XE or as agile and playful as a BMW 3-Series.

The electric steering is sharp, but you never know exactly where the front wheels are pointing and there is a very small dynamic turnout or a sense of enthusiasm from the inert chassis.

Instead, what the Audi does, and it does very well, is to offer a wonderfully refined, relaxed and comfortable experience that makes the miles slip effortlessly. The bushing and the damping are fabulous: There are no clones that fall back through the rigid structure, neither tingle nor shake, nor do they recede the direction. It’s perfect isolation.

The gait is placid, the motor soft, the double clutch seven-speed, the body level. It’s extremely composite. It’s just not much fun. As such, stay with a 2.0-liter TDI, instead of a V6 or turbo-gasoline.

While some competitors offer countless engine options, including hybrids and diesel engines, Audi keeps it simple: a four-cylinder turbo of 252 hp and a less powerful and more fuel-efficient version of that engine called Ultra, which Generates 190 horsepower. The seven-speed automatic transmission and front-wheel drive are standard, and the famous Audi Quattro total traction system is optional. In the A4 2.0 T Quattro Prestige We tested, the powertrain worked splendidly, providing a leading class acceleration (5.2 seconds from zero to 60 mph) and a seamless power delivery.

Precise steering, well-controlled body movements and large road gripping capability combine to make the A4 a sharp handle. Typically, cars with such skillful responses require sacrifices in driving quality, but the 2019 Audi A4 Car still manages to absorb roads with poise. The sense of direction, so important in a sedan with sports harmonics, is dim at lower speeds and on the road. However, almost as if by magic, the direction becomes pleasantly communicative when it pushes the car on winding roads.

Costs and reliability
If all this seems attractive to you, you only have to consider one thing: much of the technology that Audi has is not standard (although, surprisingly, both Apple and Android Auto). Other than that, the A4 will be a very nice car to own and run. Residual values are predicted to be among the best in their class, and if you choose the 148 bhp TDI Ultra, it slides below the CO2 limit of 100 g/km. If those things matter, that’s something with which the BMW 3-Series fights. However, it is still the best car.

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