2019 Aston Martin Vantage Review, Design, Price and Verdict

2019 Aston Martin Vantage- Aston Martin fights new cars, traditionally. Oh, it does them well eventually. But take the DB9, the ultimate Vantage, even the DB11: we tend to remember them with great affection for what they transformed throughout their lives, not the way they first emerged.

The new Vantage is different. Slightly dead direction and lazy gearbox aside (and that’s a minor complaint, we promise), this thing feels properly classified for the first time, just taken out of the box. It sounds epic, looks fabulous, smells bad and has one of those rare chassis that could entertain a professional rider and give the rank amateur the best time of his life without putting him in danger.

Is the 2019 Aston Martin Vantage special enough for £120.900? Look, it’s not as dramatic as the Audi and McLaren average engine you can get for similar money, and in terms of performance, yes, a C63 will keep it honest. For half the money. There’s an Aston tax going on here. That should keep the Internet forums busy. What happens is that everything is so fast these days that there will always be exotic giant assassins, and people who live on the Internet complaining of raw data of speed. The Vantage is much more than a car of numbers.

And what’s more, this is actually the base model. Where Aston takes the Vantage then it will be fascinating. What frightens their rivals should be how much potential is left to seize.

2019 Aston Martin Vantage Review, Design, Price and VerdictPrice : £120.900 

The first new sports car Aston Martin since Vantage rejoined the ranks in 2005 is not what we repeat, it is not just a Mercedes-AMG GT in a jacket Savile Row. Yes, the new baby Aston Martin shares its 4.0-liter double turbo engine with the best AMG and part of its interior technology, but beyond that, everything is Aston. And it’s a very fine job.

And don’t think that just because the 2019 Aston Martin Vantage sits on a reduced version of the DB11 ‘s aluminum platform and shares its eight-speed automatic gearbox (for now), it’s more than Aston overheated the leftovers. Aston kept the DB11 deliberately soft and chivalrous, so the Vantage, shorter and lighter, could be more powerful, angrier and more like a sports car. Finally, some clear daylight between Aston Martin’s products.

The gearbox is sharper. The electronic rear differential is very fast in its reactions, to maximize traction, or abrasion, depending on your mood. There is no comfort mode for the motor train and chassis, this time everything has risen level, with Sport, Sport + and Track modes to choose

The engine develops the same 503bhp and 505lb ft you would get in a Mercedes AMG C63, which is enough to obtain the 1530kg (that is dry, so you must have 1600kg on the curb) Vantage of 0-62 mph in 3.6 seconds and up to maximum speed of 195 mph. That’s a great performance of an entry-level model, but necessary now, the Vantage has an entry price with no options of £120.900 and has to compete with players like the McLaren 540C. Audi R8 V10 Plus and Porsche 911 Turbo.

In the launch, there is only one Vantage model: This V8 coupe with automatic gearbox. It is very likely to follow a soft canopy flyer, and then we will wait and see and expect lighter versions inspired by Aston’s GT3 racing program, and possibly in a V12 range. Aston says the DB11 ‘s 5.2-liter double-turbo unit fits.

Interior Design
The driving position is perfect, the seat is a triumphant marriage of back support and daily comfort. It faces a beautiful cockpit, fresh, modern and technical, although not an absolute success. There’s no glove box. The virtual instruments of the DB11 return, free of the Playmobil bezel that cheapens the big GT, but still have a great resolution. Come on guys, we are the generation of retina OLED screens. What is a pixel?

As you may have heard of a slightly publicized film called Spectre, Daniel Craig’s last voyage was a design proposal by Vantage, discovered by director Sam Mendes and sought by His Majesty’s Secret Service. For my money, Vantage production is prettier than the DB10 of 007, but the temptation to climb the cockpit Q has done a little… Buttoned. Now, we like buttons. The buttons are tactile, easier to operate without eyes than touch screens, and are not affected by fingerprints.

But do we need two separate clicky switches to work the central lock? Is the whoops-seem-have-starred call button needed to live right next to the traction control? That fussy button nest could have been simplified.

But I’m itching. The basics are bang-on. It literally stinks of quality-no one cures the leather of more delight Olfático than Aston Martin-the entertainment and the stems of Mercedes are elegantly integrated, and the whole environment feels more expensive than a 911 or 570S and more personalized than a R8. Boy needs you in this money.

It is strictly a tandem, but you can put extra (crumpled) baggage behind the rear seats, and the 350-liter boot is superior to a Ford Focus cargo area in terms of rough liters, if not a useful way space.

It’s unfair simply to praise a person for the complete setup of a car, as it takes a dedicated team of talented people to turn a naked rolling chassis into an exciting and engaging sporty. But we have to recognize that the Vantage is the first new Aston that has developed completely under the administration of former Lotus boss, Matt Becker, and it’s fair to say that he and his team have done the business as usual. Is a cookie

But first things first, even before you get to traction or balance or agility, is the size that catches you. The Vantage feels small on the way. It is shorter than a 911 race and feels narrower, even though the beautiful hind hip hips actually have a wider footprint than the Porsche, and that immediately removes a layer of intimidation from those crucial miles. You have room to play.

Then you appreciate the driving position more and more. The steering wheel oozes a generous range off the board. The seat is a triumph of comfort, support and situation. It’s amazing how many cars still have these wrong foundations (Audi R8, we’re seeing you), but the 2019 Aston Martin Vantage is in place.

It would have been a frightening result for Aston to inherit the great 4-liter AMG Hot-Vee engine and ruin it, and as expected, they haven’t. The strange response of the accelerator, the mega Appetite for revolutions and the power on demand of the V8 have survived intact, but his trip to an English finishing school has given a more serrated and angry touch to the soundtrack that is part of the soundtrack of Bull ITT Mustang, Liam Gallagher part sound proof. And yes, the car goes very, very fast.

Maybe not as rabid as a Audi R8 or McLaren, and for the money, that could be a problem for the greedy addicts. But how fast do you need to go? This is a sports car of almost 200 miles per hour that will run at 62 kilometers per hour in less than four seconds, and not overcooking the outputs (according to the DB11), Aston’s did not end with a mess of lashings limited to traction that can only lean for a couple of sec Undos at the same time before you enter senseless illegal speeds. This is a Goldilocks configuration.

That said, the gearbox is not that smart. It is an automatic eight-speed ZF mounted on the back to perfect weight distribution, and does not offer changes with the perfect complement of the two clutches you can expect in this price range of Porsche, McLaren, Audi and Mercedes-AMG. . The first to the second is a crucial change in the getaway, and if you are using the gear shift paddles manually, the Aston box strives to solve that moment accurately. That yes, has been a jump since the similar transmission of the DB11. Reduction and changes in auto mode are less random, and interferences for changes are almost perfect.

Next year, Aston will present a three-pedal manual gear-shifting car, which must be perfectly adapted to this bloody fighter.

Costs and Reliability
Using AMG’s development power to supply a new, widely used engine should provide tranquility to the new 2019 Aston Martin Vantage owners: The transmission is also a popular gearbox in the entire industry with no known horror stories. This should be the most bullet-proof Aston in history. No, that’s not a James Bond joke. Haven’t we grown?

Although the consumption of the V8 rises to 27-28 mpg during a megacruce, a more realistic average is 21-22 mpg, and if you are taking advantage of it, you have to take into account the low teenagers. It’s worth it. And with a suitable 73 litre fuel tank, rank anxiety is not a concept known to Vantage.

Aston is still being left behind with regard to the equipment it offers: there is still no adaptive cruise control or lane assist, although we would say that it would be almost inappropriate to host the autonomous driving functions in a car that is so good to drive to the Old-fashioned like this

The entertainment of Mercedes Comand is really better to use than in any Mercedes, mainly because it has the same excellent interface, but Aston Martin makes the completely redundant and cumbersome touchpad that hovers over the click Wheel is a Delete option. As you mark the squares, remember to select the stowage deck armrest to make the interior look really finished and add the magnificent glass buttons. And keep a handwipe close.

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