2019 Acura NSX Suv Review, Design, Price and Performance

Acura’s modest changes to the 2019 Acura NSX Suv give it a better grip, more structural stiffness, and better handling. And the more high-performance cars make the transition to battery power, the NSX upgrades put it even more ahead of the game.

Those who hate hybrids must be condemned, the reborn Acura NSX 2016 demonstrated its merits on a massive scale. And not just for the battery energy, but also for its impressive performance credentials. The NSX was one of the fastest, torqueadosest and best-gripping cars of its kind when it returned three years ago. But with some upgrades for 2019, the Acura NSX is even better.


Not much has changed visually since NSX debuted in 2016. The only notable improvement in our 2019 tester (if squint the eyes enough) is the painted piece of “pico “, now paired with the body instead of painted in a prominent tone. Silver. Anyway, there is no need to go and get to perfection: The NSX is still one of the most attractive cars in the segment. Angular folds are more attractive than other simple-style competitors. Only the Aston Martin Vantage is so amazing.

The inside of the NSX is more demure. The new Indigo Blue leather model for the 2019 covers the seats, the center console and the board. Acura throws Alcantara accents in good measure and carbon fiber details in the steering wheel sections. The steering wheel is a master class in functional and beautiful style. The squircle shape of the steering wheel with grip points in 10 and 2 shape perfectly at the hand. Not to mention it looks really good.

Front, the sharp, pointed nose and the imposing black grille give the NSX a rocket-like appearance. From the side, the slender profile protrudes above its price tag in its ability to attract attention. For the uneducated consumer, the NSX almost looks like a Lamborghini. At the rear, the dual LED taillights, the optional carbon fiber deck deflector ($3.000) and the center-mounted quadruple exhaust tips serve as elegant and subtle end caps.

The $157.000 2019 Acura NSX Suv is one of the most sharp-style vehicles of its kind. And probably the most advanced, too. But it’s not nearly the most affordable. A Porsche 911 Turbo 2019 more powerful costs $133.300 to start. An Audi R8, which is also more powerful, costs only $138.700. Even the new Aston Martin Vantage costs only $149.995. The only other hybrid option, the BMW i8, costs $143.400 (but offers a very different driving experience).

The price cannot be easier to swallow after the options. The SiriusXM satellite radio costs $500, the paint work of the White Pearl Casino shown here costs $700, the carbon fiber spoiler costs $3.000 and the carbon ceramic brakes cost $10.600. If you want the carbon fiber outdoor sports package, prepare to deliver $12.600. If you want the same carbon fiber accents in the cockpit, that will cost you another $3.800.

The total cost, as proven, is $194.700, excluding $1.800 per destination and handling. At that time, you could also get a McLaren 570S ($208.000).

Despite the modern NSX powertrain, its cockpit technology is surprisingly backward. The NSX still has Honda’s obsolete information and entertainment system, which is the same configuration found in Honda’s minor products, such as the Ridgeline pill. The system is awkward and difficult to use, with outdated graphics and difficult controls. Besides, there’s no volume control. The only pardon to the offensive information and entertainment system is otherwise the connectivity of Apple display and Android Auto, and the wonderful audio system ELS, which are now standard.

The gasoline-electric hybrid engine that stands out for a 3.5-liter turbocharged high-speed V6 is transferred. Acura’s engineers didn’t play with the powertrain, not that they needed to. The 500 horsepower engine reaches 7.500 RPM and works with automobile electric motors to fire the NSX (with launch Control) at 60 miles per hour in an estimated 2.9 seconds by the manufacturer and at a maximum speed of 191 mph. In short, the NSX is fast as hell.

The instant torque, the super sticky summer tires and the Super Handling Total Traction System firmly place the driver’s skull in the headrests with an accelerator hit the large amount of mechanical grip, supported by the new Continental SportContact 6 Tyres, stiffer rods, and a six percent more stiffness, make the 2019 Acura NSX Suv a safe supercar of the line.

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