2020 FERRARI ROMA Review, Price and Specs

2020 ferrari roma

Overview The fit coupe is the latest model to come out of the company’s Maranello headquarters and is named after the country’s capital, Rome. While its veneer is reminiscent of Ferraris from the 50s and 60s, the grand tourer also hides serious performance hardware and cutting-edge technology. The beautiful music …

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2020 FERRARI SF90 STRADALE Review, Price and Specs


Overview Electrified transportation is the way of the future. Ferrari gets on board by launching the SF90 Stradale, a plug-in hybrid with sleek styling, impressive performance, and a gas / electric powertrain. The brand’s new hypercar comes standard with four-wheel drive and is capable of traveling up to 16 miles …

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2020 FERRARI PORTOFINO Review, Price and Specs

2020 ferrari portofino

Overview The 2020 Ferrari Portofino allows drivers to sunbathe and have fun chasing the horizon. With a body that looks seductive no matter if the retractable hardcover is up or down, this four-seater front engine epitomizes the spirit of long haul. The Portofino is also the least expensive way to …

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2020 FERRARI F8 TRIBUTO Review, Prices and Specs

FerrariOverview Lithe and voluptuous, the Ferrari F8 Tributo 2020 is the supercar to choose from if you like your automotive performance packaged in undeniably glamorous wrap, and who doesn’t? With its chiseled panels and windblown profile, the F8 Tribute looks more beautiful than the cheeky one, setting it apart from …

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2020 FERRARI 488 PISTA Review, Prices and Specs


Overview The Ferrari 488 Pista 2020 is the stuff of supercar dreams. Wide shoulders with bulging fenders and a stylish roof arch, this confident Italian stands out in a crowd. Its cabin is surprisingly spacious, offering more real estate than is typically found in a two-door sports car. When it …

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2020 ACURA MDX Review, Prices and Specs

2020 Acura MDX

Overview The 2020 Acura MDX, which is one of the best in its class even though it’s also one of the least expensive, but this three-row crossover is surprisingly fleet-foot. The 2020 Acura MDX is more than capable of transporting families on any adventure they choose. While the third row …

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2021 BMW M4 Review, Prices and Spect

2021 BMW M4

Overview 2021 BMW M4.- Almost immediately after BMW debuted the new 3-series sedan, anticipation began to simmer for the icon’s inevitable high-performance offspring: the four-door BMW M3 and two-door BMW M4. While the world is still waiting for the official unveiling of these iconic nameplates, we have gathered information about …

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2021 BMW CONCEPT i4 Review, Price and Specs

2021 BMW Concept i4

Overview BMW is no stranger to electrified models. The BMW concept i4 2021 sedan seeks to further bolster the brand’s electric vehicle portfolio. Based on Bimmer’s most famous model, the Series 3, the upcoming i4 is a low-drop four-door that is expected to compete with rivals such as the Tesla …

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2020 MERCEDES-BENZ CLA-CLASS Review, Prices and Specs

Mercedes Benz CLA-Class

Overview The CLA class of Mercedes-Benz 2020 offers the unique brand of German automotive luxury at a relatively affordable price. This five-passenger subcompact car is among the most affordable models in the Mercedes line. The CLA class is a sedan, but its sloping roof gives it a coupe-like look. It …

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2020 MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS Review, Prices and Specs

Mercedes Benz A-Class

Overview Basic models provide buyers with an affordable way to access a line of luxury cars, and Class A occupies this role in the Mercedes-Benz product range. This subcompact sedan is the smallest car in the automaker’s selection of vehicles; It is also the least expensive. With a long list …

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